Fish Rescues & Removals

A significant part of our fisheries work is involved with fish removals and rescues and we have significant experience in this type of work for clients including airports, railways, quarries, construction sites, swimming lakes, ecology waters, highways, bridges and reservoirs.

Netting a lake during a fish removal

Netting a lake during a fish removal

For the most part these jobs will have been well planned, and the fish often have been health tested before being transported to a new home, often an existing water on the same site or occasionally to a new water that has capacity to receive fish. Occasionally where fish are either a non-native species or have failed a health test, we are also equipped to humanely euthanise and dispose of these fish.

The scope of fish rescues varies, and this can be simple netting, trapping or electrofishing to reduce certain populations or in the case of ecology, quarries and construction sites, complete drain downs to ensure that every last fish is removed.

Emergency Fish Removals

We do get called several times a year for emergency fish removals. In most cases this will be where the lake, pond or river has had an oxygen crash and no longer has sufficient oxygen to sustain fish. In these situations, our initial response is to aerate the water and improve the saturation of oxygen. It may then be possible to gain consent from the Environment Agency to move the fish, but this will often be dependent on the fish having a relevant health test and there being a receiving water than can host the additional fish.


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