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Our core business of assessing problems with water, applying the appropriate advice and solutions requires a wide base of knowledge and experience. The range of expertise and knowledge our consultants offer explains in part the success we have in diagnosing and fixing your problems, although this is only part of the story. Due to the nature of water management we pride ourselves on our flexibility, ability to adapt to and respond to new problems and our attention to detail, all of which ensure that all avenues are pursued.

Please meet our core consultants:

Tony Mckenna is a company director and specialises in fisheries management and de-silting and restoration although more recently Tony has largely managed the large or specialist projects, particularly de-silting works, that we are increasingly involved in. Tony’s fisheries management experience dates back to 1997 and in this time he has become highly skilled in not only the theory and practicalities of fisheries methodology but also the efficient handling of regulatory requirements.

Robert Cockroft is a company director and specialises in habitat creation and water quality and pollution. Robert has a degree in Environmental Toxicology and several years of experience in aquatic eco-toxicology testing in addition to a certificate in fisheries management and growing experience in fisheries and habitat enhancement.

Ann Leonard originally came to us in 2011 to look after the small nursery; in between doing this Ann would assist in the office, particularly as the workload increased. It became obvious after a short time that Ann was too valuable not to have in the office and whilst her official title is Office Manager, Ann has a wide and varied role. Including H&S, regulatory compliance, project purchasing and website management Ann previously worked for English Heritage and this background gives a detailed insight into how the historic environment affects work on ponds and lakes in Conservation Areas and sites in Historic Parks and Gardens etc.

We also use a small team of external consultants who are experienced in other fields; these include fish health, macrophyte identification, algal identification, algal cell counting and engineering. This means that there are few problems we are unable to assist with and in the unlikely event that we cannot help we can certainly put you in touch with someone who can.

Our beliefs

We believe in sustainable, long-term solutions and this has guided much of the work we do. In many ways it would be more lucrative for us to attend the same water every year to apply a quick fix and happily bank the cheque. This is not who we are though. What we want is to find a way to make the water more self-sustainable and reduce the frequency and/or the amount of work. In most waters we have managed we have been able to withdraw as the water was brought to a condition where management was easily accomplished by the owner.

Native solutions

Many of the waters that we work on require adjustments to be made to the numbers and /or types of plants and fish present. Where additional planting or fish are required we will only recommend native British species, often local to the area as well. Non-native species have done much harm to waters around the country and we are keen to see non-native species removed wherever possible. As part of this policy we have removed all common carp (and their variants) from some waters that we manage on behalf their owners to improve water quality and provide better habitat for native fish, amphibians and plants.


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