Who we are

AES Europe Ltd brings together a specialised staff with a range of skills, knowledge and experience of the freshwater environment focusing on monitoring and managing water quality and aquatic ecosystems in lakes, ponds and rivers to best effect.

What we do

AES Europe Ltd provides consultancy services and products to assist owners and managers of lakes, ponds, reservoirs, rivers, streams and canals improve and maintain conditions suitable for their optimal use. Emphasis is placed on sustainable solutions and native habitat, eliminating the spread of non-native fish, invasive water weeds and harmful fish diseases.

We now have a reputation for working on difficult waters where the underlying reasons for problems are not obvious and where solutions are complex. We are proud to be able to offer long term solutions and on some of our clients’ ponds and lakes have implemented management plans that put in place a water management framework for as far into the future as 2030.

We have also specialised in addressing strongly discoloured water in ponds and lakes, whether caused by algae or sediment, and we offer long term sustainable solutions, preferring not to apply chemicals and risk creating a habitat problem.

Our ethos

We provide our expertise, dedication and commitment to improving and maintaining excellent water and aquatic habitat quality. And we love the aquatic environment and are passionate about our work.

More tangibly, we also sell products and apparatus specifically designed to maintain and improve aquatic ecosystems and water quality, such as mechanical aeration, coir products for bank stabilisation and native marginal water plants.

Where we operate

We will travel to wherever we are required in the UK or Europe and currently have customers in France and the Balkans in addition to the whole of the UK. We also can arrange for aerators to be shipped to most international customers.


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